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Emma of Normandy, queen during the Vikings era (c.987-1052)

Stéphane William Gondoin

Published Saturday 15 January 2011

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England, spring of the year 1002. In order to lead her to the altar, the Saxon monarch Æthelred II watches impatiently the arrival in his kingdom of a Norman princess named Emma.

No one could then suspect the astounding destiny that awaits this young girl. In a context of continuous Scandinavian attacks, she married successively two kings, gave birth to two others, and imposed herself on the political scene of her adopted land.

She became the Viking age’s greatest female figure and by this means prepared the accession of her grand-nephew, William the Conqueror, to the throne.

Author: Stéphane William Gondoin
Historian, S. W. Gondoin is the author of numerous articles devoted to the medieval period.

Genre: Biography

Number of pages: 256

Keywords: History – True story – destiny – Saxon - Royalty

Audience: Adult

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