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Jérémy Dardenne, Yann Kervran

Published Tuesday 25 March 2014

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Great sailors, powerful warriors and wise traders, the Vikings occupy a special place in the Europe’s history.

Thanks to a meticulous, scrupulously documented reconstruction, this exceptional work offers you the opportunity to discover in pictures the daily life of these Nordic communities.

Author: Jérémy Dardenne, Yann Kervran

The author
Jérémy Dardenne is dedicated at conveying his passion for archaeology and history to a wide audience, using modern media techniques and educational sciences.

The photographer
Yann Kervran has been a photographer and reconstructionist since the end of his studies. He finds in these passions the opportunity to combine his taste for research and his interest in the practical application of theorical knowledge.

Genre: Re-enactment - Documentary photography

Number of pages: 144

Keywords: Re-enactment - Life in picture – Testimony – Daily life – way of life – Viking culture - history

Audience: For all

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