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Portraits of Women of the Middle-Ages

Stéphane William Gondoin

Published Friday 15 March 2019

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We willingly imagine the middle Ages’ women of as beings entirely submitted to the authority of men, fathers, husbands, priests. Nonetheless, we regularly meet astonishing women, from all conditions, who escaped this domination.

They were Vikings, Franks or Saxons.

They lived in Norway, Normandy, England, Provence or even Greenland! Their names were Marie, Juette, Chrodielde, Constance, Audr the Wise, Gerberge, Marion the Righteous or Huguette du Hamel. They were queens, nuns or witches. Each one of them left their mark in the legend of the centuries...

Author: Stéphane William Gondoin
Historian, S. W. Gondoin is the author of numerous articles devoted to the medieval period.

Genre: Biography

Number of pages: 360

Keywords: Feminist – Strong Women – History – Middle Ages

Audience: Adult

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