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Life of a Gallic Warrior

Ludovic Moignet, Yann Kervran

Published Friday 25 March 2011

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The 19th century made them the "Gauls ancestors" but the daily life of these men of Antiquity is just beginning to reveal itself.

They were the heirs of the powerful Celtic civilization, extended to the borders of Asia Minor. At the dawn of our era, their journey came face to face with Julius Caesar. From this famous "War of the Gauls" a new world was born, a brilliant synthesis: the Gallo-Roman culture.

Thanks to a meticulous, scrupulously documented reconstruction, this exceptional work offers you to discover in pictures the daily life of a nobleman and all his family at the end of the Iron Age.

Author: Ludovic Moignet, Yann Kervran
The author
Ludovic Moignet is committed to the democratisation of recent archaeological knowledge. By making them accessible to a wide public, he has developed a dynamic mode of cultural mediation combining spectacle and scientific rigour, with a pedagogical aim.

The photographer
Yann Kervran has been a photographer and reconstructionist since the end of his studies. He finds in these passions the opportunity to combine his taste for research and his interest in the practical application of theorical knowledge.

Genre: Re-enactment - Documentary photography

Number of pages: 176

Keywords: Re-enactment - French history – Gallic – daily life – family – roman empire – Iron Age

Audience: For all

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